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📝 为什么写博客


写博客这件事,本和我关系不大,直到我意识到偶尔会有一些东西和想法需要突破局限,即使是在受限的范围内短暂地突破。当然也可以遏制住,不过还是写出来比较好,往小了说叫表达思想感情,往大了说也叫留下比生命更持久的东西。尽管如此,将这些东西和想法写下来,除开分享一些运行在计算机上的既定规律之外,更多的时候让我诚惶诚恐,好在于他人是没什么坏处的。这个博客存在的意义大抵如此。 (了解更多历史)

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互联网应该是开放、自由、积极的,用户在互联网上的安全和隐私保护是基本要求。atpX 是由 Hugo 生成的静态网站,主题样式由 ATP 从零制作(暂不开源),本身不会收集任何信息或使用 Cookie。

为了不断改进网站,提高用户体验,本站目前自部署开源且隐私友好的访问统计工具 Plausible Analytics 用以及时掌握访问流量情况。所有的访问信息都以匿名的方式最小化收集,不会使用 Cookie,也不会记录你的 IP 地址或其它个人信息。

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如无特别说明,本站文章均为 ATP 用键盘敲出,版权归 atpX 所有。如需引用,请遵守 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 许可协议并注明文章链接。

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我偶尔会出现在去中心化的 Mastodon 上。你也可以通过发送邮件到 hello@本站域名 联系我。// 不保证会(及时)回复。

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About Me

Hi folks. I’m ATP, from Earth.

Why Blog

Someone once said that as long as something is written down, it will exist in the universe in a visible form, albeit temporarily and with limitations, but it does exist. I can’t refute this because it is a random thought I had, specifically while eating bread in the middle of the night one day. It’s difficult to refute myself, but I still think about the meaning of blogging with these limitations.

Blogging is not a necessary thing for me until I realized that occasionally, there are some things and ideas that should be written down. You could think of it as a way to express thoughts and emotions, or leave something more enduring than life itself. Despite this, writing down these thoughts and ideas often makes me feel confusion and apprehension. But if it happens to help you in any way, that would be a great thing.

So that’s all this blog exists for.

Privacy Notice

atpX cares about your privacy.

The Internet should be open, free and positive. Individuals’ security and privacy on the internet are fundamental. atpX is a static website built with Hugo and theme made by ATP, that means this site does not collect user information or use cookies.

In order to continuously improve the site performance and user experience, atpX self-hosted Plausible Analytics, an open source and privacy-friendly web analytics. By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously. Cookies are not set and no personal data is collected and all data is in aggregate only.

Except as otherwise noted, all posts on this site are written by ATP and licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.


I’m on Mastodon. If necessary, you can also contact me by email at hello at apex domain of this site to say hello.

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